Top 7 Internships / Part-time jobs for students in India

If you want to make some extra money as a student with limited skills, you have two options- either to opt for a short-term internship with a handsome stipend or become a Campus Ambassador for various reputed companies.

a student in intership or part time job in India

For students who have certain requisite skills, it gets a bit easier to earn as there are multiple freelance websites where students can earn a handsome amount in exchange for their efforts. Students can enroll themselves as a freelancer in those websites and find good assignments to match their skills.

These websites make sure that the service providers get paid for the efforts they put in. It’s a good starting point to launch your career by leveraging the skills that you possess. Some of the notable freelancing platforms are:

We have compiled a comprehensive list of opportunities for those students with least skills to earn a handsome income and gain enough experience to dive into better roles in other established companies in the future.

In the following article, we will try to list down the best opportunities and their respective platforms on which you can find suitable paid internships or part-time jobs which you can do with least knowledge and skill set.

Here are our top 7 picks from the array of internships/ part-time jobs available online - a more filtered and detailed list.

1) Virtual Assistant

a student in virtual assistant intership or part time job in India

As a virtual assistant, an applicant has to offer administrative services to clients from a remote location, usually a home or office. Some of the tasks performed by these virtual assistants would be scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, managing email accounts, making phone calls etc. These are the in-demand jobs of most of the businessman and celebrity personnels.

Some of the best voice over jobs available are:

2) Data Entry

a student in data entry intership or part time job in India

Although Data Entry might be monotonous, it is the easiest way to earn money for applicants without any skill sets. It involves minimal knowledge of operating computers and some key applications like Ms-Word or Ms-Excel. We know it sounds cliche and there have been a lot of scams with people in the past with respect to the data entry jobs but we have tried our best to filter the ones which are backed by reputed platforms who are least likely to fraudulent.

Some of the best Data Entry jobs available are:

3) Graphic designer

 Graphic designing internship or part time job in india

Although professionals use high profile designing tools and apps, beginners can start with Canva and gradually learn other professional skills as per requirements.

The use of a correct design (creatives, banners, posters, icons, logos, infographics) is one of the most trivial things that speak volumes about the brand and results in the improvement of the brand’s level of acceptance by the consumer. It is advisable to share individual portfolios on Platforms such as Behance, LinkedIn, dribble, and Instagram to increase chances of getting better responses from recruiters.

Some of the best graphic designing jobs available are:

4) Social Selling/ Drop Shipping

 Drop Shipping internship or part time job in india

As most college students are very active on social media and have an existing base of social circles, it is easier for them to sell to their own friends or family members considering the existing rapport between them.

Moreover, with the advancement of technology and innovation, people are shifting to adopt the Drop Shipping model - A streamlined form of retail business wherein the seller accepts customer order but doesn’t keep stocks goods sold. This makes sure that the hassle of keeping inventory and shipping products are gone. Students can leverage on this advantage to earn a handsome income and start their own ecommerce business.

Some of the best social selling jobs/ drop shipping platforms available are:

5) Content Writing

 Content Writing internship or part time job in india

As most of the students these days have decent English writing skills, it is expected that this role would be suitable for the majority of the individuals.

Aesthetic content writing is the need of the hour in every business house these days. It not only helps in grasping the readers’ attention towards the subject matter but also increases the readability of the text being circulated. The best advice for budding content writers is that they need to stay up-to-date with the current trends and work continuously towards improving their content quality.

Some of the most genuine content writing jobs available are:

6) Online Educator/ Online Tutor

 online educator/ tutor internship or part time job in india

Everyone is equipped with some of the other skills these days. In fact, they are also willing to share the knowledge with other individuals. This can be the most satisfying role considering the satisfaction of sharing knowledge with other individuals. Moreover, Freelance educators are making a handsome income these days with the likes of italkie and superprofs.

In fact, there are multiple other options for people to be online tutor / Educator for the ed-tech companies available out there. Some of the best online educator jobs available are:

7) Campus Ambassador

 online educator/ tutor internship or part time job in india

It is one of the best opportunities for smart individuals in college to be the face of a brand for their college campus. This is very popular among university and college students and is a very coveted post to be acquired. Mostly, the Ed-tech companies opt in for such campus ambassadors from the college campuses to increase their presence over as many college campuses as possible.

Some of the available campus ambassador roles are:

We hope that these comprehensive lists would benefit you a lot and earn you a handsome amount of money apart from making yourself self-independent.

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