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What are Virtual Study Rooms?

StudyGang's Virtual Study Rooms are collaborative space for self studies. You can create your own pirvate study room or join a public one.

Joining a virtual study room is just like attending a Video Call, where instead of talking all the participants on the call are studying and motivating each other to do the same.

Experience the magic of social accountability!

Many studies have repeatedly shown that when you are accountable to a group you are more likely to stick to your goals. So, whenever you want to be productive just visit our website, share your screen or camera, and then get to study. It’s that simple.

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How it works?

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Whether you have been preparing for the an exam for sometime, or just getting started, StudyGang unlocks your true potential and help you execute in the most effective manner.

Science first approach

Our Virtual Study Groups harnesses the power of well established principles of psychology proven to boost productivity by at least 200-300%

100% FREE

Our Virtual Study Group sessions are completely FREE. We survive by showing you Ads before you join the session. No Ads while you study. Guaranteed!

Privacy Protected

Your name and other personal details are never revealed to your Study groups

Female Partners

If you are a female and only want female study partner(s), your request will be honoured.

Community of doers

Our services has helped thousands of students in the past to achieve their dream, be it clearing IIT, UPSC, NEET, SSC, FMGE, NEET PG, CA, CS and many other exams.

AI powered study PlansComing soon

Using the data submitted by thousands of students, we create a customized study plan for you to ensure that you prepare more strategically, thereby improving your output by up to 5 times.

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The StudyGang Story 📘

I have never been great at studies, be it school or college. I used to constantly wrestle with fear and anxiety that I would never improve or achieve my true potential. If you also feel that way sometimes, I can completely relate to you. I have read hundreds of self-help books and tried countless "brain hacks" and “productivity tricks''. However, none of them consistently prevented my old bad habits from kicking in.

With time, I realised that I was most productive when I was accountable to someone. When I had to teach a friend in college, I made sure I was completely thorough with the topic myself. When I was working in a law firm, I made sure that my bosses are always happy with my work. When we implemented the concept of social accountability with some of our students in my last startup, it led to an astonishing improvement in their productivity as well.

After seeing the success of this experiment, I thought that students preparing for various examinations in India must also be facing these issues and most startups in the ed-tech sector are only focusing on creating different types of online video courses and other resources for students that only help them on a superficial level. No one is trying to solve the root cause of a student's problems i.e. why students don’t do things they know are good for them.

In order to help students become better at self-study and maximise their chances of success, I along with a hardworking team of people have created StudyGang to bring Social Accountability for all - not just those who can afford expensive counsellors/mentors. We invite you to experience the life-changing benefits of sprinkling social accountability on your self-study by attending your first group study session at StudyGang.

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Avinash Tripathi
Founder, StudyGang

What our users are saying 💖

Avatar Aarushi

Amazing concept. I have been using this platform about a month now and it has really helped me to focus. The concept of social accountability is really amazing. The platform motivates you to to work hard. The environment on the platform is very positive and very motivating. It is one of the most productive platform that I have even seen!!

Reviewed on Google
Avatar Ravi Ranjan

StudyGang is a better online Infrastructure to get motivated while chasing your dream.This platform Provides every necessities which is essential for a study-cum library With a good environment. Also, very well disciplined Platform.

Reviewed on Google
Avatar deepak singh

Excellent and Innovative platform for ensuring accountability while studying. It may appear ineffective but trust me once you log into a session and declare your target of self study then you feel the pressure to back up your words and study diligently. Every person with some academic aspirations must try it. And also, this platform is FREE!

Reviewed on Google
Avatar Azhar Mehboob

one awesome place to sit and learn. a wholesome virtual reading room/library, for those struggling to keep pace in their learning or procrastinate a lot, this is the place to be. And the best part is the pomodaro timer. Thanks to the entire crew behind this venture...

Reviewed on Google
Avatar pranay ghodeswar

I have been using Studygang for 45 days now and never been more productive. Suffering from Bipolar its hard for me to concentrate and that took a heavy toll on my studies. but since I have started using Studygang its been really helpful and helped me focus. The team is very helpful and considerate, trying to help in every way possible and updating as per our needs. Thankyou Studygang.

Reviewed on Google
Avatar Neeraja Hariharan

Been a part of this platform for a month now. Works like a charm in increasing productivity multifold. Highly recommended !

Reviewed on Google
Avatar IamThat The

Kudos to the founder. It is an amazing concept. It has helped me focus more and increase my study time. The general atmosphere on the platform helps one stay motivated and keep the focus to studies. Social accountability really works. It is well moderated too and spammers are effectively removed, unlike other websites. As an UPSC aspirant, this platform has helped me to interact with other senior aspirants, get their advice on various issues. Also, the daily targets posted by various aspirants helps me to get an idea of the preparation strategies which are followed by the people. As a person who doesn't attend coaching classes or live in UPSC preparation zones (like Rajinder Nagar), this aspect is particularly valuable to me. The founder is really helpful and helps resolve issues in a quick and effective way. Highly recommended for students of any competitive exams, who have to put in many hours of effective study on a daily basis.

Reviewed on Google
Avatar Sumit Sangwan

An amazing initiative , especially in the recent covid times it has helped me and numerous others to be productive and accountable towards the goals. Keep up the good work StudyGang team!

Reviewed on Facebook
Avatar Priyanka Singh

I happened to stumble on this realistic platform of study group! And things have certainly changed since then. Study time has become really meaningful and productive ( no dragging), and certainly a smart check on one's own accountability ! Kudos to the founder and the team. Currently slagging, but will keep it as a long term productive happy study place! Keep slagging!!

Reviewed on Facebook
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